Spiritual Services

We here at Gypsie Hollow offer spiritual readings. These services are provided by a qualified professional who seeks to preserve tradition, clear away misconceptions, and provide grounded spiritual information. Walk-ins welcome for all readings as long as we are not with another individual at the time.

Current Spiritual Services

Traditional Palmistry

Our Palm Readings are like nothing that you have ever experienced, contrary to popular belief and many western practices, Palmistry is not future predictive. Much of what is known about Palmistry is fabricated by "Hollywood" and other fictitious media. Our Palm Reader, Beaux Garbisch received traditional teachings of Palmistry which continues to be a favorite by many. Palmistry originated a millennium ago on the eastern borders of India. According to Vedic tradition it is said that we create Karma, and our consequent destiny, through three means: our thoughts, speech and actions. “By his actions you will know him” is an age old phrase meaning that we can think and say many things, but it through our actions that we show our true nature and manifest our world. It is also said that the hands are the primary means through which we act and build our world. Therefore, the hands are like a mirror which reflects the accumulation of our actions in the form of signs and symbols present in the hands, however, we need educated eyes to see them. Like a face, which is the primary way we recognize another person; the hands when properly understood can show both a person's nature and path that they are walking.

“The hands are like a mirror which reflects the accumulation of our actions…” - Vedic Proverb

One Hand Palmistry Reading

$15.00 Per Hand. Duration: 1Hour


Traditional Tarot Reading

We offer a variety of card spreads following the traditional rennaisance form of Tarot. We here at Gypsie Hollow have a great passion for ancient and long kept traditions, and admire the history of where things come from. This being the case our Tarot Reader Beaux Garbisch uses a museum replica of the first known tarot deck in history the Visconti di Modrone also known as the Visconti Cary-Yale deck of the 15th century. This deck unlike modern decks features 89 cards instead of 78. The original decks from the Italian Renaissance possess all seven virtues in the Major Arcana and also feature additional court cards in the Minor Arcana. The tarot was inspired and based off of Roman Catholic concepts and imagery that was present during the Italian Renaissance. 

One Question Tarot Reading

$15.00 Per Spread. Duration: 30min.