Spiritual Studies Program

Here at Gypsie Hollow we offer a variety of spiritual and holistic based classes. These classes will provide you with a grounded knowledge and resources for further reading and exploration! Over the years we have been working diligently to find a class program that fits our customers needs in today's world.


  • Affordable Classes!
  • Custom Schedules!
  • Reliable Information!
  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Additional Resources!
  • Friendly Environment!
  • Classes at Your Level!
  • One-on-One or with a Friend!

Stop into Gypsie Hollow to pay and schedule a class that fits your needs and pick from the many classes and available dates! Available dates include: Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays between 10am-6pm. We want to help you succeed in your personal development and cosmic understanding!

Become Certified!

We offer certified program options in which you can gain a degree in a spiritual practice or tradition by a qualified instructor! These programs require a long-term commitment as these practices will ensure proper education and qualification to build a side career in holistic or spiritual traditions! This will also provide a higher level of spiritual accreditation and education quality as these degrees are not given out over a weekend!

Current Class Catalog!

1-Hour Introductory Classes: Cost $15 ea.

  • Intro to Crystal Power
  • Intro to Divination
  • Intro to Energy Healing
  • Intro to Cleansing
  • Intro to Magic & Manifestation
  • Intro to Paganism & Ancient Beliefs

2-Hour Standard Classes: Cost $25 ea.

  • Crystal Power: Level 1
  • Crystal Power: Level 2
  • Crystal Power: Level 3
  • Tarot: Level 1
  • Tarot: Level 2
  • Tarot: Level 3
  • Meditation: Level 1
  • Meditation: Level 2
  • Meditation: Level 3
  • Rituals & Manifestation: Level 1
  • Rituals & Manifestation: Level 2
  • Rituals & Manifestation: Level 3
  • Spiritual Self Defense: Level 1
  • Spiritual Self Defense: Level 2
  • Spiritual Self Defense: Level 3

Certified Programs

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Healing Program.

First Degree Reiki Practitioner Cost: $250 for Year/ $25 per Class ($300)

Time& Commitment: 1 Year, 12 Classes, & Performed 24 basic healing sessions.

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner Cost: $500 for Year/$25 per Class ($600)

Time & Commitment: 1 Year, 24 Classes, & Performed 24 standard healing sessions.

Master Degree Reiki Practitioner Cost: $500 for Year/$25 per Class ($600)

Time & Commitment: 1 Year, 24 Classes, & Performed 24 professional healing sessions.

  • Crystal Journeyman Therapist Program.

Certified Crystal Journeyman Councilor Cost: $750 for 2-Year/$400 per Year ($800)/$25 per Class ($900)

Time & Commitment: 2 Year, 36 Classes, Pass Crystal Journeyman Exam.

Certified Crystal Journeyman Healer Cost: Cost: $750 for 2-Year/$400 per Year ($800)/$25 per Class ($900)

Time & Commitment: 2 Year, 36 Classes, & Performed 24 standard healing sessions.