Gypsie Hollow Celtic Tree Zodiac Wax Melts

Gypsie Hollow Celtic Tree Zodiac Wax Melts

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Each Wax  Melt is blended with Himalayan Salt & rich oils that correspond to a tree in the Celtic Zodiac. In addition each melt possesses details on each zodiac. This is a great way to bring rich aromas of nature into your home.

Scent Profiles:

Birch: Birch

Rowan: Rowan & Mulberry

Ash: Ash & Nutmeg

Alder: Alder & Amber

Willow: Willow & Cypress

Hawthorn: Hawthorn & Blossoms

Oak: Oak & Musk

Holly: Holly Berries

Hazel: Hazelnut

Bramble: Wild Berries

Ivy: English Ivy

Reed: Sugarcane & Butter

Elder: Elderflower & Apricot