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Events 2022

Maple Fall Fest 2022

Saturday, September 17th & Sunday, September 18th.

Come see us at Maple Fall Fest at Wildwood Park in Marshfield WI! We will be showcasing new items & putting on a musical performance telling an ancient tale of Celtic tradition! Stop by to enjoy all of the festivities! Sat: 9am - 5pm. Sun: 10am - 4pm.

October Spirit Festival 2022

Saturday, October 1st - Monday, October 31st. 

Join us for a month long event dedicated to the Celtic Festival Samhain. (Precursor to Halloween!) All month long we will be featuring limited-quantity exclusive items just for the spirited season. Gypsie Hollow will be decorated in reflection of this festival, and we will be dressed in old world attire to match! If you stop in wearing a costume or mystical garb you will receive a FREE 3 Card Tarot Reading. In addition, each Saturday will be a fun filled event to celebrate this time of year! Stay tuned as more festivities will be announced! 

3rd Mystical Market Expo 2022

Sunday, October 2nd 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Join us for another Mystical Market Expo featuring a variety of enchanting vendors that provide unique products and services from our local community. Come and join us to experience holistic healing, divinatory readings, FREE Demos on old world and new age traditions, as well as shopping of spiritual and mystical items.

New Tarot Readers Social

Saturday, October 8th & Saturday, October 22nd. 

Hello Friends! Are you a new reader of Tarot? Are you perhaps interested in learning more about Tarot through a hands on reading event? This special event is dedicated to all those who are new or just starting their Tarot journey. Join us at Gypsie Hollow for this FREE Tarot event where you can gain practice performing readings for others; be it other new readers, or event guests. Our event moderator and Tarot instructor will be Beaux Garbisch. This event is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please note this event does not have any costs to participate and no attending readers are allowed to charge for their services.

Mystic Museum Tour

Saturday, October 15th & Saturday, October 29th. 

Join us at Gypsie Hollow for this special event, the Mystic Museum Tour! This is a FREE special event will explore ancient spiritual objects used throughout history by the old world civilizations. In this tour you will get the chance to see and learn about the origin, use and significance of these spiritual objects from verified historical accounts and records. You will get a chance to see and learn about some items like; the Besom, Ankh, Druid's Egg, and so much more!


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