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Faerie Garden Gala 2024

Monday, April 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th. Monday, May 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Hello friends! Join Gypsie Hollow for this special painting event! Each Monday through the month of April AND May, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM we will be having classes at Gypsie Hollow to learn how to paint your very own Enchanting Garden Creation! This Adult Only, 2-HR DIY event will allow you to select and paint your very own Faerie House(s); all supplies included! The cost of this 2-HR class is $10 plus the cost of your chosen piece(s). We will be offering over a dozen OPTIONS and ACCESSORIES! Choose between single pieces or sets to create an enchanting garden display. See Discussion Tab for updates, piece options, and inspirational pieces; so make sure to click Interested or Going to this event to get all the updates! There are a limited number of each piece so make sure to stop down to Gypsie Hollow and sign up IN STORE to get your first pick before it is gone, and reserve a spot!
Please Note: These may require more than one class depending on piece(s) and skill level. These pieces can be placed outside, but always ensure they are on a patio block or paver stones. Some base options may also allow you to plant your own small succulent garden! These pieces must never sit directly on soil or in standing water. Learn additional tricks at the class to ensure they stay vibrant for years to come!
*These classes are excluded from any discount or coupon.* 

Festival of Fire 2024

Wednesday, May 1st - Friday, May 3rd 

Hello Friends! Join us for Gypsie Hollow's Festival of Fire! We want to take the time to honor an old Celtic Festival Baeltaine that is close to our heart and family by creating this special event at Gypsie Hollow to celebrate it with all of you! Bealtaine is a Celtic festival that marks the blossoming of nature, and the resplendent of life. During this time of year it is customary to have bonfires, plant flowers, and honor the Sidhe, commonly called Faeries in British folklore, which were traditionally known as the spirits of nature rather than the winged folk of fairy tales. Many festivities that follow often involve making floral crowns, creating faerie gardens, landscaping, feasts, and music! Stay tuned and follow the *discussion* on the upcoming Facebook Event for updates and other special details! Have a blessed day!