Mineral Collection

In Honor & Reverence

Our mineral collection is acquired and crafted in their place of origin through ethical mining practices. We strive to maintain sources that respect their workers, and most of all the Earth Mother. We believe that to provide our wonderful customers with something true and sacred it must be obtained in that likeness. We currently provide over 150 different minerals and in varying forms! Stop in to Gypsie Hollow to choose from a large selection; from tumbled and polished, to raw and natural formation!

In a broader perspective, mining is still a practice and production that draws out natural finite materials from the earth. So for us here at Gypsie Hollow we seek to build relationships with sources that consider local enviormental impacts and safety. In addition, we make sure to respect and value the work of the individuals that go forth in digging, collecting, cleaning, and processing these beautiful treasures. 

In the current mineral industry the popularity of minerals has grown tremendously. We are happy that the love of minerals is shared by so many folks. However, this has lead to numerous questionable economic practices. Many large companies, online distributors ,and importing industries seek to make the most off these resources, which has lead to unethical practices including; mineral imitations, treated stones, taking advantage of impoverished countries, exploited metaphysical symbolism, and marketing strategies.

This is why we have, and continue, to put forth our efforts to provide our customers with genuine, mineralogically tested and verified minerals, that were acquired with love. 💛 As well as provide up to date information on minerals, their use, and significance in the world of today