Spiritual & Esoteric Collection

Acquired with Reverence & Understanding

Our collection of spiritual and esoteric items are acquired with great respect. We at Gypsie Hollow seek to preserve the heart of tradition, as well as explore the ever evolving path of Paganism and Metaphysics. We make it our goal to know what products we provide to our customers. We also have a qualified and educated specialist instore daily that can provide in depth information on our spiritual products.


We also take the time to study and research its purpose within its culture and religion of origin to provide the most authentic information for its use. We do our best to be well versed in modern traditions as well, however, our specialty resides within the history and primary fundamentals of spirituality. We also have a great passion for the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of ancient traditions and we love to explore those with our customers!


We procure a variety of cultural and spiritual items from around the world. We continually work to find reputable sources that take great pride in the items that they craft in order to provide you with the highest quality items for your spiritual journey!

We offer a large variety of spiritual products and tools to aid on your journey. Some of our most notable collections include; Divination Tools, Spiritual Herbs & Smudges, New Age Books, Candles, Incense, Altar Tools, Spiritual Jewelry, Spiritual Décor & Statuary, Spiritual Storage. We even offer many one-of-a-kind items if you are looking for something extra special.


We hope that you enjoy visiting our shop, and continue to discover infinite possibilities. We are honored and happy to be of service to you on your spiritual journey. 💛 Beannachatí.