What is krystamancy? Krystamancy is a divinatory practice that involves reading and recognizing patterns of casted crystals in order to gain philosophical insight on one's current circumstances. This method and the tools used were designed by Beaux Garbisch and follows the journey method of using crystals as directed in the books Journey to the Center of the Crystal: Complete Book of Crystals and Journey Beyond the Crystal: Exploring Our Connection to Crystals by Beaux Garbisch. Krystamancy is not designed to predict the future or reveal hidden information. Its primary purpose is to be a reflection of the one being read in that moment. This practice requires one to follow a consistent form of crystal casting and particular tools in order to create reproducible results. This methods makes use of a direction grid, traditional compass, a set of twenty-four different polished quartz minerals, and a traditional reading style as written in Journey Beyond the Crystal: Exploring Our Connection to Crystals.

This service as well the tool set is now offered at Gypsie Hollow as of June 9th 2023 and adds a new style of divination that draws inspiration from other practices of Geomancy. This method was designed to expand the use of minerals for wellness and self-reflection. Minerals themselves have always been an inspiration to mankind through art, literature, mythology, and spirituality. The crystalline forms of nature have a way of inspiring how we look at the world and therefore expand the possibilities of daily life. To discover more or to receive a reading stop down to Gypsie Hollow.

One Question Krystamancy Reading

$15.00 Per Casting. Duration: 30min.